Coaching Updates: High Intensity Trainer Workouts and Announcements

Start thinking about next season

For those of you who are ending your season soon and haven’t thought about the next one, all I can say is:

WHY NOT!?!?!

You should be reviewing the successes and failures of your current season and thinking about your goals and aspirations for next season.  If you’re contemplating hiring a coach to help you reach those goals, now is the time in the season to start thinking about it.  I’ve been hard at work  refining my training plans and building new workouts for my athletes.  Of course, one-on-one coaching is extremely focused and for that reason I limit the number of athletes I’m able to coach one-on-one.  Check out my coaching services if you’re thinking of recruiting a little help to ensure you meet your goals.  Hoping to race Battenkill?  Want to PR at Gran Fondo NY?  Have a crit series on the calendar?  I’ve got the tools to make you leaner, stronger and faster, if you’ve got the drive and commitment.

 HIT Workouts

As some of you may have seen from my Strava uploads, I’ve been busy testing a number of different High Intensity Trainer (HIT) workouts recently.  These workouts are specifically designed for indoor trainer use (and with the shortening days and the holidays not far off, that’s where you’ll find most of us very soon) and are designed to build fitness and fundamental skills in very short times.  I’ve made the first few of the available on my Training Plans page, and keep your eyes open for more and more of them.  As a bonus (or an incentive, depending upon who you are) I’ll be including ALL of my HIT workouts in my one-on-one coaching programs at NO extra charge!  That means you’ll have access to these killer workouts as part of your customized training plans, giving you even MORE improvement in your speed, strength, skill and endurance.

Keep your eyes on this space for future coaching announcements and new workouts.

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Trainer Fail

Surfing Craigslist is always good for a laugh I suppose.  I’m not sure how I came across this, but it simply goes to show how fleeting the average person’s love of cycling really is:

Trainer failNow, at first glance I see a fairly nice Cervelo (perhaps an S2) with what appears to be Shimano components hooked up to a trainer in someone’s garage (the ad in question was a “for sale” ad for the trainer itself.)  You’ll note that the trainer is a magnetic model with an awesome bar mounted lever to adjust the amount of resistance.  But something just doesn’t seem quite right, does it?

Major trainer failAh hah!

Yep, something is amiss there.  Frankly, I don’t know how these kinds of mistakes are made by people.  Now, I’m not saying he actually rode it this way (frankly, I don’t think he could without banging the crankarms on the resistance unit) but honestly, if you’re trying to sell something like that, it pays to ensure that you at least set it up correctly.  How credible can you be as a seller if you can’t even figure out the proper way to set up your own trainer?


As I said…always good for a laugh.

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Reviewed: Craft ProZero Gore Base Layer

Craft WS BaselayerAsk any cyclist which element will cause them undue stress on a ride and many will answer "wind."  Not only does it sap the power from your legs, drain your willpower and slow you down, it definitely can put the hurt on your body temperature.  No matter how many layers you're wearing, without some sort of wind protection you're going to get cold.  Enter the Craft ProZero windproof base layer, but does it really work as well as advertised?  A couple months of riding in it has led me to say yep.

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Calling Time on Your Season

While we all hate to admit it, the arrival of the winter solstice and New Year generally means we’ve been forced inside to the trainer.  Sure, there have been some beautiful days here in the northeast and riders have been worming their way out of their couch based hibernation for group rides.  But is it really a good idea to jump at the idea of a 50 mile ride in January?  What if you’re been training in earnest for an entire year?  Where do you draw the line?  Let’s take a look and see when you should call time on the season.

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Winter (Bike) Refreshments

Fading tan linesPart of the problem with the winter/off season is that most cyclists suffer from withdrawal.  There’s a dearth of riding outside in the fresh air, sunshine is distinctly lacking, our well earned tan lines are fading, people are missing their mid-ride social stops with their buddies and miles are generally of the long, steady distance and are performed on a trainer.  While some take to the sofa to put on their winter weight (much like a hibernating bear,) some take to online forums to discuss the latest news and gadgetry and some hit the slopes or the gym to get their endorphin fix, you CAN spend time with your bike and not hate it.  This time spent can be of the intimate type (get your mind out of the gutter) that will let you appreciate your bike more when the time comes to climb back on and shed those accumulated winter pounds.

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