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Coaching Updates: High Intensity Trainer Workouts and Announcements TAGS: | | | | Start thinking about next season For those of you who are ending your season soon and haven’t thought about the next one, all I can say is: WHY NOT!?!?! You …Continue reading →

Trainer fail

Trainer Fail TAGS: | Surfing Craigslist is always good for a laugh I suppose.  I’m not sure how I came across this, but it simply goes to show how fleeting the average person’s love …Continue reading →

Craft ProZero Gore WS baselayer

Reviewed: Craft ProZero Gore Base Layer TAGS: | | | Ask any cyclist which element will cause them undue stress on a ride and many will answer "wind."  Not only does it sap the power from your legs, drain your …Continue reading →

Empty plate

Calling Time on Your Season TAGS: | | | | While we all hate to admit it, the arrival of the winter solstice and New Year generally means we’ve been forced inside to the trainer.  Sure, there have been some …Continue reading →

Wrapping fresh bar tape

Winter (Bike) Refreshments TAGS: | | | | | art of the problem with the winter/off season is that most cyclists suffer from withdrawal.  There’s a dearth of riding outside in the fresh air, sunshine is distinctly lacking, our well …Continue reading →

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