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Cyclist quad and hamstring massage

Recover Like A Pro (Podcast #50) TAGS: | | | | | | Effective recovery is as important as effective training. Use these tips, tricks and supplements to get the most out of your recovery.

Butter and MCT Coffee

Fat, Fasting and Training Adaptation (Podcast #49) TAGS: | | | | etting fat.  That’s the last thing anyone wants to hear over the off season, especially during the holidays.  The simple fact is that the holidays are notorious for being able …Continue reading →

Strava Cycling App

Strava: Fitness Wonder or Wrecker – Podcast #48 TAGS: | | | Strava has changed the cycling community and how we train. I’ll explore if those changes are a good thing on this episode of the Tailwind Coaching Podcast.

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Efficient FTP – Podcast #47 TAGS: | | | | Is FTP the end all of our training goals? Or is there something beyond FTP, beyond a number, that can make us a fitter, faster cyclist? In today’s podcast, I explain what that something is.

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2015 Battenkill Training Plan Now Available! TAGS: | | | | | Tackle America’s Queen of the Classics with confidence! This 20 week training plan will have you hunting for the podium on race day!

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