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Finish line medals

Gran Fondo NJ: Medio Fondo Recap part 2 TAGS: | | | If you missed part 1 of my GFNJ Medio review, check it out. We pick up our adventure in the depths of Sunday morning, in pitch darkness. Sunday (day of …Continue reading →

Default utility Image

Gran Fondo NJ: Medio Fondo Recap part 1 TAGS: | | | m4s0n501 As you may recall from my earlier post, I've made the Medio Fondo NJ my late season goal.  After a very long season (dating back to December 2011) that …Continue reading →

Mapping a route

Nuances of Route Planning TAGS: | | | | | | oute planning is something every cyclist eventually has to tackle.  While the idea of just going out and riding whatever roads strike your fancy that day is exhilarating, sometimes planning a …Continue reading →

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