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Craft ProZero Gore WS baselayer

Reviewed: Craft ProZero Gore Base Layer TAGS: | | | Ask any cyclist which element will cause them undue stress on a ride and many will answer "wind."  Not only does it sap the power from your legs, drain your …Continue reading →

Endurance miles

Coaching: Base Building Endurance TAGS: | | | | The importance of base building is often overlooked by many cyclists, especially those who have ignored or ill defined their season goals.  Your aerobic base is the foundation for all …Continue reading →

Empty plate

Calling Time on Your Season TAGS: | | | | While we all hate to admit it, the arrival of the winter solstice and New Year generally means we’ve been forced inside to the trainer.  Sure, there have been some …Continue reading →

Official GreenEdge kit

New GreenEdge Kit Revealed TAGS: | | | | Merely a couple of days after I posted about the GreenEdge “training” kit, they go and release the real thing: As you can see, the same white/black/green is used, but …Continue reading →

Mapping a route

Nuances of Route Planning TAGS: | | | | | | oute planning is something every cyclist eventually has to tackle.  While the idea of just going out and riding whatever roads strike your fancy that day is exhilarating, sometimes planning a …Continue reading →

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