Reviewed: Craft ProZero Gore Base Layer

Craft WS BaselayerAsk any cyclist which element will cause them undue stress on a ride and many will answer "wind."  Not only does it sap the power from your legs, drain your willpower and slow you down, it definitely can put the hurt on your body temperature.  No matter how many layers you're wearing, without some sort of wind protection you're going to get cold.  Enter the Craft ProZero windproof base layer, but does it really work as well as advertised?  A couple months of riding in it has led me to say yep.

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Coaching: Base Building Endurance

Endurance pace should be easyThe importance of base building is often overlooked by many cyclists, especially those who have ignored or ill defined their season goals.  Your aerobic base is the foundation for all future interval workouts, and without it, the risk of injury and/or burnout is distinctly higher than in a cyclist with a proper aerobic base.  More importantly, poor endurance will ensure you falter before the end of your chosen events, so while it may be boring and redundant, it is one of the most important parts of your training.

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Calling Time on Your Season

While we all hate to admit it, the arrival of the winter solstice and New Year generally means we’ve been forced inside to the trainer.  Sure, there have been some beautiful days here in the northeast and riders have been worming their way out of their couch based hibernation for group rides.  But is it really a good idea to jump at the idea of a 50 mile ride in January?  What if you’re been training in earnest for an entire year?  Where do you draw the line?  Let’s take a look and see when you should call time on the season.

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New GreenEdge Kit Revealed

Merely a couple of days after I posted about the GreenEdge “training” kit, they go and release the real thing:

Official GreenEdge kit

As you can see, the same white/black/green is used, but honestly, I think the training kits are better.  The GreenEdge logo is barely visible on top of the green background, and the design of the shorts is just….a little odd to me.  On top of that, the white socks just don’t seem to match for some reason.

Interestingly, the sleeve cuffs have the same bizarre mesh gripper that the Vacansoleil jerseys have.  I hope those are not coming into vogue either.


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Nuances of Route Planning

Mapping a route

Route planning is something every cyclist eventually has to tackle.  While the idea of just going out and riding whatever roads strike your fancy that day is exhilarating, sometimes planning a route may be a necessity.  Maybe you have a few friends joining you, maybe you have a club ride to plan or maybe you have some training that you need to plan a route for.  In any case, planning a good route is more than just putting (virtual) pen to paper, and we’re going to explore how to ensure a good plan and a good route.

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