Exploration By Bike

923405 10152817627705517 856385618 n 300x300 Exploration By BikeAs I mentioned a while back (in Bike Therapy,) in the past two and a half years my life has transitioned from the quiet contemplation of the Hudson Valley to the hustle and bustle of New Jersey.  Along with the change of location came a change in scenery; familiar roads were gone, trusted bike shops were distant, and new relationships had to be formed.  While there’s trepidation in the unknown, there was also a distinct thrill of discovering new places, new clubs, new roads and new people.  But why does it take a new place to get us in to mood to explore?

Perhaps more importantly, what lessons have been learned through this period of forced transition and how can we apply them without having to relocate 200 miles away?

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Climb Like A Pro – Part 3 (Podcast)

robtowerhill 300x300 Climb Like A Pro   Part 3 (Podcast)Climbing is often the albatross that follows us around on our two wheeled adventures.  Long climbs.  Short power climbs.  Varying pitch.  Everyone has a weakness when it comes to climbing.  I've spent the past two episodes of the Tailwind Coaching Podcast defining what "makes" a climber and the importance of leg speed skills in your climbing, hoping to give you the confidence to go out and hit the hills like a pro.  This time, I'm going to put the last pieces of the puzzle in place.  You'll hear about breathing and rhythm, reading the road, breaking a climb into parts, and finally the discussion will turn to how to tackle a variety of climbs that you may encounter, including:

  • Short "roller" type climbs
  • Short "power" climbs
  • Mid length climbs
  • Long "grinding" climbs
  • The ultra steep, long climbs

As I promise in this podcast, I'm including a couple of links to previous posts that I've published:

Breathing (part 1) – Physiology

Breathing (part 2) – Putting Skills into Practice

Reading the Road

As always, if you're on iTunes, please leave a rating: it helps the show move up the rankings and allows me to bring this information to more and more people.  And if you have any questions, feel free to contact me with questions.

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Coaching: Don’t Fear the Group Ride (podcast)

grouprides Coaching: Dont Fear the Group Ride (podcast)Some recent commentary on being afraid of "not having the fitness" to participate in group rides (along with some comments that I was a little critical of group rides in my last podcast) has inspired this week's podcast.  This week I'll be discussing the skills necessary to succeed in group rides, even if the group happens to be stronger than you.

I'll be discussing some techniques and skills that will help give novice group riders and riders with lesser amounts of fitness a fighting chance of hanging with the group and accomplishing their group ride training goals.

I'll cover the following:

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A Pedal For Your Thoughts?

 A Pedal For Your Thoughts?How many times have you heard the expression "a penny for your thoughts?"  

While it's true that life can be complicated, the idea of paying for someone's thought process (especially the valueless penny) seems odd to me.  No, I propose an amendment to that phrase, offering up a pedal for your thoughts.  But what can a pedal give you that a penny can't?  

How about solace and freedom?

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Choosing Crankset Gearing

Now that winter (what winter we had) has given way to spring, riders are storing their trainers and heading outside to ride on their favorite roads once again.  Spring is also the time in which many people consider upgrades to their bike, and one discussion I've seen relatively frequently is the "compact vs standard crankset" question.  What are the benefits of either?  Which should you use?  Let's explore the question of choosing crankset gearing and help you figure it out.


cranksets 300x225 Choosing Crankset GearingWhat's the Difference?

Standard and compact cranks differ in the size of chainrings they mount, which is intrinsically different because they have different BCDs, or Bolt Circle Diameters.  This measurement refers to the spacing of the chainring bolts on the arms, namely how large a diameter circle they are spaced.  Looking at the photo to the left, you can see the much smaller circle of bolts (and the shorter spider arms as well) on the compact crank on the left.  Compact cranksets use a 110mm BCD while standard uses 130mm BCD (135mm BCD for Campagnolo standard.)

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