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Dirt road riding, lambertville NJ

Setting Tempo TAGS: | | From the latin “tempus” meaning time, tempo has come to represent a large number of definitions across different parts of life.


Exploration By Bike TAGS: | | | | As I mentioned a while back (in Bike Therapy,) in the past two and a half years my life has transitioned from the quiet contemplation of the Hudson Valley to the hustle and bustle of New Jersey. Along with the change of location came a change in scenery; familiar roads were gone, trusted bike shops were distant, and new relationships had to be formed. While there’s trepidation in the unknown, there was also a distinct thrill of discovering new places, new clubs, new roads and new people. But why does it take a new place to get us in to mood to explore?

Climbing up Tower Hill

Climb Like A Pro – Part 3 (Podcast #23) TAGS: | | | | The last in a series of climbing podcasts, this episode covers how to handle various types of climbs, how to breathe with rhythm and how to break that monster climb down into palatable portions.

Group Rides

Coaching: Don’t Fear the Group Ride (Podcast #4) TAGS: | | Some recent commentary on being afraid of “not having the fitness” to participate in group rides (along with some comments that I was a little critical of group rides in my last podcast) has inspired this week’s podcast. This week I’ll be discussing the skills necessary to succeed in group rides, even if the group happens to be stronger than you.

Pedal and cleat

A Pedal For Your Thoughts? TAGS: | ow many times have you heard the expression "a penny for your thoughts?"   While it's true that life can be complicated, the idea of paying for someone's thought process …Continue reading →

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