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SRAM Red Yaw Front Derailleur

SRAM Yaw Front Derailleur Review TAGS: | | It’s been well advertised that the SRAM Red Yaw front derailleur has revolutionized mechanical front shifting. Tom Boonen won a pair of monuments on it last year. One could arguably claim that the simple concept of an uneven parallelogram that pivots about the seat tube, negating the need for a trim function and packaged into a lightweight and (importantly) stiff front dérailleur is the crown jewel of the new Red group. But does this seemingly unsung piece of metal really live up to the hype?

In the Quarq Box

SRAM Red Exogram Quarq Review TAGS: | | | After managing to put paid to my third Cinqo power meter, Quarq went above and beyond the call of warranty service and upgraded me to a Red Exogram power meter to replace the problem child Cinqo. I detailed the warranty process in this post, so you can read about it in detail there. Suffice to say, Quarq was wonderful throughout the process and I feel confident recommending them and their power meter units to anyone.

PEC at Giro del Cielo

Giro del Cielo Race Report (Podcast #19) TAGS: | | | The Giro del Cielo is a 2 day stage race in Sussex County, New Jersey. Originally begun as a women’s only race, in the 9 years or so that it’s been in existence, organizers have added men’s cat 3 and 4/5 fields. USA Cycling sanctioned, the 2 day/3 stage event is a great way to introduce people to stage racing without forcing them to commit to something as brutal as the Green Mountain Stage Race, Tour of the Catskills or the like. It’s geographical location in northern New Jersey is also the perfect venue to draw a diverse group of racers and teams, ranging from local squads to teams and riders from New York City and Philadelphia.

Lezyne Valve extender

Lezyne Valve Extenders TAGS: | | Since the weather became nice enough to start using tubular wheels again, the eternal frustration with valve extenders has become yet again apparent. That means carbon wheels, which means valve extenders. Which means….time for some high quality Lezyne bits.

Sram Red Exogram Quarq

Quarq Warranty Experience (Part Deux) TAGS: | | | Contacting Quarq has always been a simple affair: they actually have human beings to talk to as opposed to a computer, and I love that. Alex, the service tech that I spoke to was immediately apologetic; in fact, his first words upon hearing “this is the third time” was essentially “oh no, you’ve got to be kidding me?” I give him the utmost credit. He was as helpful as he could be over the phone, talking down a jittery racer on the eve of a huge “A” priority race, standing in front of another deceased power meter, seething with anti-electronics rage, struggling to not blow a gasket and take a sledgehammer to said (dead) Cinqo.

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