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Seized counterfeiter websites

Counterfeit Cycling Retailers Shut Down TAGS: | | | | According to the government press release issued April 29th, these kinds of counterfeiting and sales issues are monitored by the “U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI)” divisions. On the previous Friday, these agents apparently seized 10 domain names and associated bank accounts that were retailing counterfeit goods. Reportedly, the ICE and HSI received assistance from Specialized and INVISTA (CoolMax and Lycra trademark owners) as well as SRAM, Cervelo and Pinarello, who all reportedly found that counterfeiters were targeting their brands of high end bikes and accessories.

Sram Red Exogram Quarq

Quarq Warranty Experience (Part Deux) TAGS: | | | Contacting Quarq has always been a simple affair: they actually have human beings to talk to as opposed to a computer, and I love that. Alex, the service tech that I spoke to was immediately apologetic; in fact, his first words upon hearing “this is the third time” was essentially “oh no, you’ve got to be kidding me?” I give him the utmost credit. He was as helpful as he could be over the phone, talking down a jittery racer on the eve of a huge “A” priority race, standing in front of another deceased power meter, seething with anti-electronics rage, struggling to not blow a gasket and take a sledgehammer to said (dead) Cinqo.

Default utility Image

SRAM Red Hydraulic Updates TAGS: | | | | | Some information has been released from SRAM about the chatter their latest leak has generated.  A lot of forums have been abuzz with the new offerings and what this will …Continue reading →

SRAM Red hydraulic rim brake

SRAM Red Hydraulic Brakes TAGS: | | | | | SRAM has released some “leaked” info on their road disc brakes, as well as their hydraulic rim brakes.  Thanks to for the photos. First up, the new hydraulic rim …Continue reading →

Busted RoadID

Good Customer Service: RoadID TAGS: | | | Good customer service is hard to find these days.  Typically, we hear more complaints about Local Bike Shop service than anything else, but in reality a lot of us purchase …Continue reading →

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