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Joe Friel's Training Triangle

Effective “Off Season” Training – Podcast #46 TAGS: | | | | | The offseason is the time which you lay the foundations for your next season’s success. Do it right by building the perfect pyramid of fitness.

Giant quads

Strength Training For Cyclists – Part 2 (Podcast #43) TAGS: | | | | | Last time I talked about how our body adapts to exercise, including strength training. In this podcast, I’ll tell you how to integrate that strength training into your cycling.

Lactic Acid Fermentation

Biohacking Lactic Acid TAGS: | | | | Lactic acid is the evil byproduct of exercise. Recent research says it’s not bad, and we can hack it for improved performance. Here’s how:

High Fat Diet Ratios

Podcast #39 Addendum: High Fat Diets and Performance TAGS: | | | | | | After my listeners called me to task on one of the questions in my last podcast, it’s time to set the record a little bit straight.

Cycling sunburn

Biohacking: Summer Sun Protection TAGS: | | | Summer is synonymous with riding and lots of time in the sun. How can we protect ourselves naturally without sunsceen? I’ll tell you:

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