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Jens Voigt in NJ

Things I Learned From Jens Voigt TAGS: | | Jens Voigt spent half his life plying the trade of professional cycling. He retired from racing at 42 years old, after inspiring countless fans and leaving lasting memories of his aggressive racing style. But at a recent event, I was able to get a glimpse of “The Jensie’s” way of thinking, and what made him so successful.

Strava Cycling App

Strava: Fitness Wonder or Wrecker – Podcast #48 TAGS: | | | Strava has changed the cycling community and how we train. I’ll explore if those changes are a good thing on this episode of the Tailwind Coaching Podcast.

Dirt road riding, lambertville NJ

Setting Tempo TAGS: | | From the latin “tempus” meaning time, tempo has come to represent a large number of definitions across different parts of life.

Bike Racing in Bound BrookNJ

How to Start Road Racing – Podcast #40 TAGS: | | | | Every year, the Tour de France comes around, being brought to the masses through Eurosport, NBC or various Twitter or internet tickers. Concurrently, there’s always a spike in cycling interest around the tour, and I get plenty of questions about racing and starting to race.


Exploration By Bike TAGS: | | | | As I mentioned a while back (in Bike Therapy,) in the past two and a half years my life has transitioned from the quiet contemplation of the Hudson Valley to the hustle and bustle of New Jersey. Along with the change of location came a change in scenery; familiar roads were gone, trusted bike shops were distant, and new relationships had to be formed. While there’s trepidation in the unknown, there was also a distinct thrill of discovering new places, new clubs, new roads and new people. But why does it take a new place to get us in to mood to explore?

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