Holiday Gifts For Cyclists

It can be difficult finding holiday gifts for cyclists on your list.  Hunting through the Black Friday deals, searching for the perfect item to put a smile on their face can be fraught with peril when you don’t have much of an idea of what this cycling thing is all about.  How can you expect to get the perfect gift when you don’t know the difference between a cassette and a headset, but you don’t want to lame out and get them a Visa gift card with the directive “go buy what you want?”

That’s why I’m here to help you out.

In this holiday gift roundup, I’m including a little of everything from the low cost to the lavish.  There’s something for everyone from the beginner to the lifelong rider.  So check through the list and check out the links.  In many cases, you’ll find something that you hadn’t thought of before, or maybe you’ll not only find something for that special cyclist, you’ll find something for yourself too.


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Happy New Year!

NYDIt’s hard to believe 2011 is behind us already.  But even harder to believe is that New Year’s Day here in the Hudson Valley was 52 degrees and sunny.  Very little wind, clear skies and a long couple weeks of holidays and being stuck inside eating and drinking too much brought out a pretty solid turnout.  Around here, we’re happy to have about a dozen, but we were able to bring 26 people out to set the tone for the new year ahead.

NYD2Of course, we had people at all levels of fitness, from those who are just starting their group ride experiences to racers in the midst of training for Tour of the Battenkill and Gran Fondo NY.  But the pace was mellow, there was more chatting than pedaling happening, and people were able to catch up with friends who have been locked away in their basements on trainers for the past month.

More than anything, simple casual social rides like this remind us all how much we enjoy cycling from not only a fitness standpoint, but a social one as well.

Get out and ride, and go spend some time with those friends you’ve lost touch with over the short, dark days.  You’ll be glad you did.

Happy New Year, ride safely.

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