Century and Gran Fondo Training – Podcast #41

Gran Fondo New Jersey 300x225 Century and Gran Fondo Training   Podcast #41Last time on the Tailwind Coaching Podcast I talked about how to get started with road racing.  So far, I’ve received a lot of positive commentary on it, but a number of people felt that I was leaving some things out.  Comments were made to the effect of “What about gran fondos?” and “What about centuries?”  I realize that the majority of cyclists out there aren’t racers, but still find joy in searching out tests of their endurance, climbing or overall fitness.  Many of those ways involve planning for a century or gran fondo.  Do you want to complete that event, or do you want to CRUSH that event?

In today’s podcast, I’ll discuss what you need to know to not only be successful in pursuit of that goal, but to shatter your expectations.  I’ll cover:

@9:56 – What is a gran fondo?  What is a century?

@23:34 – What skills do I need to be successful in gran fondos and centuries?

@44:26 – Tips and tricks to ensure you have the best century or gran fondo possible.

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Now that we’re winding down the competitive road season, you might want to think about reloading for the fall cyclocross season!  Check out my modular training plans in my online store and get running on the way to some killer cyclocross fitness.  And don’t forget to save 10% with the coupon code in this week’s podcast.

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Knee Pain Primer

Knee injuries Knee Pain Primer

With spring rearing it's much welcomed head, a lot of riders are in the midst of building fitness towards their early season racing programs.  A lot more are just ramping it up getting ready for the beck and call of sweaty summer club throwdowns.  But whether you've been riding hard since December, hoping to podium at that spring "classic" or you're just starting up your training, one thing can slow all of us to a crawl: knee pain.  At some point in our cycling lifetime we'll all experience it, and we'll all know the suffering of sitting on the couch while we wonder "why me" or "why now?"

Instead of asking those questions, it's more prudent to ask "what caused this" along with treating the symptoms that put you out of commission.  Here we'll take a quick look at some of the reasons your knees may be throbbing and help you shed some light on why you're couch surfing.

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A Pedal For Your Thoughts?

 A Pedal For Your Thoughts?How many times have you heard the expression "a penny for your thoughts?"  

While it's true that life can be complicated, the idea of paying for someone's thought process (especially the valueless penny) seems odd to me.  No, I propose an amendment to that phrase, offering up a pedal for your thoughts.  But what can a pedal give you that a penny can't?  

How about solace and freedom?

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Keeping Cool in the Heat

With spring here in full force and summer right around the corner, most cyclists are switching gears from cold weather preparation to warm weather preparation.  While warm weather certainly has its own challenges, one of the biggest (aside from remaining well hydrated) is keeping cool to prevent heat related illness.  Keeping a few tips in mind will ensure you remain cool and collected in even the hottest conditions.

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Mapping Your Ride: RideWithGPS

So many cyclists rely on Garmin units to direct them in their riding these days; gone are the days of consulting a paper map and cue sheet.  Not to mention that getting lost and asking for directions is basically a thing of the past.  No, now we can sit in the comfort of our own living room and plan a 50 mile ride, but with the myriad options out there, which one do you choose?  This go around, we’ll have a look at RideWithGPS.com and explore some of it’s features.

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