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Gran Fondo NJ

Century and Gran Fondo Training – Podcast #41 TAGS: | | | | Centuries and Gran Fondos are great goals to test your fitness. But how can you most effectively train for them? Learn how in today’s podcast:

Bike Fitting

Knee Pain Primer TAGS: | | Whether you’ve been riding hard since December, hoping to podium at that spring “classic” or you’re just starting up your training, one thing can slow all of us to a crawl: knee pain. At some point in our cycling lifetime we’ll all experience it, and we’ll all know the suffering of sitting on the couch while we wonder “why me” or “why now?” Instead of asking those questions, it’s more prudent to ask “what caused this” along with treating the symptoms that put you out of commission. Here we’ll take a quick look at some of the reasons your knees may be throbbing and help you shed some light on why you’re couch surfing.

Pedal and cleat

A Pedal For Your Thoughts? TAGS: | ow many times have you heard the expression "a penny for your thoughts?"   While it's true that life can be complicated, the idea of paying for someone's thought process …Continue reading →

Cool water bath

Keeping Cool in the Heat TAGS: | | | Keeping cool in the heat can be a full time job, especially if you’re putting out big watts. Here’s a couple tips to ensure you’re staying chill in the most swealtering of days.

RideWithGPS Main page

Mapping Your Ride: RideWithGPS TAGS: | | So many cyclists rely on Garmin units to direct them in their riding these days; gone are the days of consulting a paper map and cue sheet.  Not to mention …Continue reading →

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