After de Ronde today, Radioshack/Nissan is being left without their classics superstar and their favorite for Paris Roubaix next week.  Fabian Cancellara hit the deck with about 60K to go (in the feed zone) and it was immediately apparent that he would not be continuing.  With the internet abuzz with all manner of speculation from a busted clavicle to a busted hip to a head injury, it looked bad for the Swiss Champion.  I mean, really, you tend to think the worst any time you see someone lying on the deck like this:

Cancellara crash

About an hour and a half after the accident, Radioshack confirmed that he had broken his collarbone in 3 places, which will require surgical repair.  So Fabian is out, probably until the Tour de Suisse, maybe the Tour de France.

So what will RS do for Paris Roubaix next week?  Gregory Rast may be their best bet, with an 11th place finish and Hayden Roulston in 21st.  Could this be another Roubaix for an opportunist?  We’ll have to see, but RS will have to play things very carefully if they want a chance to win without Sparticus.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Fabian.